Performance assessment and improvement

Our performance optimization solutions capture and evaluate live data on plant thermodynamic performance across the range of operating conditions.

Our experts then work with or client´s teams to pinpoint the components where performance has deteriorated impacting plant competitiveness and profitability.

We recommend and prioritize improvements which deliver the required gains in power output, efficiency, emissions and/or flexibility and, importantly, gains in financial benefits.

Our performance optimization services comprise:

  • Model and predict power plant thermodynamic performance and flexibility.
  • Identify plant performance improvements, optimize new power plant designs and assist feasibility studies.
  • Plant performance data evaluated online to monitor long-term trends and identify deviations and issues as early as possible.
  • Technical consultancy support to recommend improvements that deliver the required benefits.


  • Improve financial return:
    • Increase your plant competitiveness by identifying improvements that will optimize fuel costs costs and increase plant flexibility.
    • Increase confidence in your plant’s ability to compete and win profitable contracts.
  • Improve plant performance and operation:
    • Optimize plant performance by delivering the required gains in power output, efficiency, emissions and flexibility as a result of our recommendations.
    • Gain from improvements in part-load performance to enable continuous, flexible operation.
    • Understand the impact of changes in operation on performance g. new fuels or flexible operation.
    • Understand the impact of environmental options – e.g. Selective Catalytic Reduction.
  • Optimize maintenance planning:
    • Optimize the timing of improvements and outages through our cost-benefit systems
    • Optimize maintenance strategies through greater insights into component performance deterioration and condition monitoring solutions maintenance.